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Furasia Saga-Book 1-Dawn of the Invasion

There is nothing like the morning sunlight over the Shattered Forest just off the coastal reef… a wonder to behold; modest for lowland and littered with cities high in the treetops all connected by bridges and elevators. The night brings the soft blue glow of Gezegan, the massive planet taking up much of the horizon. As Gezegan’s moon, Furasia is filled with immense beauty… that was until they came… the reptiles of death—the Drakons. They rained down like acid, consuming everything in their path; murdering, pillaging… such destruction left in their wake. The Canis, Furasia’s sapient race, was caught in war, their first in their entire civilization. Fighting against weapons never before seen or heard of, these aliens will stop at nothing until all the Canis is wiped from the world.


Furasia Saga-Book 2-Dawn of the War


After many generations searching the vastness of the cosmos for other worlds to explore, the Drachen finally returned home…only to find their home planet overrun with an unknown alien race. Without thought, the Drachen saw the aliens as invaders and rained down their wrath in an effort to reclaim their homeworld Zuhause. The aliens–Eckzahn they called them–infantile in combat and battle as if they have never seen war, fought hard as if they themselves were protecting their homeworld. The Drachen lead a massive campaign of destruction against the Eckzahn, all the while trying to figure out how their ancient ancestors lost dominion over their world. The war for dominance has begun.

Furasia Saga-Book 3-Dawn of War’s End


With war raging across the planet, the two warring races are deadlocked, both not wavering as each claim to the planet is believed just. This is the story from both accounts combined together, to give you a full account of the war. But with both angles, who will you side with… the populated Canis protecting Furasia from the aliens, or the Drachen trying to reclaim Eckzahn from the invaders. Find out what happened to the Drachen of ancient times after the expanse into deep space and the rise of the Canis in this final chapter of the Furasia saga!

Battle for Zion Prime
Interim Cover Art


In the year 7180 AD, Earth was dying. The core began to cool down causing the magnetic field to decay. In a mass exodus, mankind expanded the milkyway searching habitable worlds to colonize. There efforts were not in vein… they found a golden world rich with forests and mass grasslands as far as the eye could see. This massive moon of a blue gas giant, dubbed Zion Prime, was a paradise. When they hit planet-side, they were greeted with an advanced race of reptile-like people. Advanced in technology, they shared knowledge with humanity, living in perpetual peace. Humanity gave them their starships in an effort to uplift them to a space-faring species. After the first explorers of the reptiles left, aliens arrived… far different than the natives, these wolf-like invaders brought war with them. A bloody conflict ravaged their newly built cities, war came upon the reptiles without mercy. No one understood their motives, but it soon became clear that dominance was their goal with humanity caught in the middle.

Unusual Adventure of Danny Benson


Danny Benson was your typical 14-year-old except his main interest… his belief in the existence of alien life. Nothing in his wild imagination would ever prepare him for a fated meeting with actual aliens. As a close bonding friendship with the visitors ensued, the government stops at nothing to take them for reasons unclear to Danny. It’s now up to Danny to help his new intergalactic friends find a way off world and return to their home, before the government gets a hold of them.

Paradox Anomaly


My name is Jadenn Garrote, Captain of the pirate ship Minerva. Pirating in deep space is a dangerous undertaking, but a free way to live from the thumb of the galactic government that now rules the Milky Way. Life is short, my crew and I learned that the hard way. Oh ya, I guess I should have mentioned this before, we are all dead aboard the Minerva. The circumstances of our deaths are a scary and a very confusing happening, one that we should never have gotten ourselves into…

Breath of Life


True love is hard to find and there are no words to describe it, love just is. They say that absolute true love does not exist for high school, that it’s only real in fairy tails… but to me, true love is as real as the pinholes in the curtain of night. This tale is about meeting the girl of my dreams. My name is Brandon Draco, and this is the story…

Apocalypse Flood


A top secret military base. A new gene experiment. A terrifying outbreak. An epidemic. The events that unfold is the true story of a scientific breakthrough gone horribly wrong and the cover-up that followed. Some may choose not to believe and that is irrelevant, for truth is truth… I was there…

Where the Dragon Sleeps


War has broken out between variant factions of knightly orders. Mathias is a Knight Commander on the brink of death, mortally wounded from battle deep in the Dragon’s Canyon. Escaping a gruesome battle with the Cythraul, he comes to a gorge and face to face with the remains of a massive dragon, encased in grass and moss covering its metal skeleton. He enters its mouth, a dark cavern of metal walls littered with sharp corners and doorways, a very strange skeleton. Deep inside, the dragon’s belly lights up to a massive cavern filled with human like amenities. Instantly, his wounds begin to heal and he is in awe at his findings. Strange weapons and armor, the likes of which he has never seen before, are all about him and encased in broken glass walls. He takes them for himself and returns to his knights with the spoils of his findings, only to find a few of his men yet still live, the last of their order. Mathias takes his men back to the dragon’s carcass and fits them with similar armor and weapons. On the hunt for the Cythraul, Mathias will stop at nothing to enact his revenge. But how will these new weapons fair in battle… they are about to find out.