Raven Conduit

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Since the existence of our great kingdom, the Magen have stepped forward to face the tyranny of the Revenant threat. Through great personal sacrifice, they have protected the Romanussian way of life for centuries. It is the purpose of this handbook to provide you a reference guide to your everyday life as Knight of the Raven Order in service of the Imperial Kingdom of Romanussia. It is your duty to keep each chapter and lesson close to your memory as you are instructed to follow our teachings and guidelines.”

“An exciting guide to a new world, the likes of which will set your imagination on fire!” -Brian Davis

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Throughout the nine known recorded Epoch Ages, nine-hundred years of history, there stands a bloodline that demands attention-the Kindred lineage-a divine ancestry linked to the blessed goddess Gaeanna herself.

Cursed with a blood oath to rid Davarus of the goddess’s betrayer-Rehab-each heir of the Kindred line is compelled to destroy him and his viral bloodthirsty people-the Revenants. After nine Epoch Ages, the line of Kindred has dwindled to near extinction.

Leading up to the tragic kidnapping of his twin brother, Valen, the next heir of the Kindred bloodline-Divad Tarso-a powerful Magen and Commander of the Raven Order, is sent to rescue him. Betrayal befalls his team.

Divad was cursed, infected by the Revenant plague with a deep lust for blood. As a result of uncontrollable circumstances that followed his infection, he was exiled from his knightly order.

Now many years later, he has been reluctantly called upon, once again to serve his kingdom. His mission-to unravel a mysterious gathering of Revenants and extract any information he can-or so he is told. As he soon discovers, his betrayer lies in wait for him.

Divad must muster his courage and come face to face with his brother’s killer, the very Revenant that cursed him.

Book 1 of the Raven Order Series


First Review:

“B.A. Ross’s tantalizing tale exudes with chivalry and will power and shows the importance of family and camaraderie in defining one’s true purpose in a savage world.”
-Arian Jones

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